New sunroof

The old sunroof was from the seventies or eighties and looked like this. It let a depressing yellow/brownish light through and to get more ventilation one had to unscrew the brown knobs, push the hatch up with one hand and then tighten the knobs again with the other hand. No real protection from rain in raised position either. It also had its fair share of cracks and mold stains. So it had to go!


A collegue at work had bought two new sunroofs model mini heki for his caravan.


I bought them both. So far I have only installed one. Here is how it turned out:

A fantastic improvment compared to the old one. The installation was pretty straight forward. The only problem was that the hole in the roof was slightly larger than the sunroof in the sideways direction. I fixed that by adding a one cm thick distance in wood. Otherwise I just added plenty of butyl rubber as sealant between the upper part of the sunroof and the roof of the bus.

Bummer! Then the surf stuff came up on the roof blocked both light and the possibility of opening the hatch..

Well I guess there are solutions to that problem too. Raising one side of the surfboards up a bit so they get tilted might be one solution. More of that in later posts.


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