Electrical panel – trial and error..

So the latest project has been making an electrical panel located over the fridge. I made it out of plywood from a hatch that became redundant. I am not too happy with the layout though. Why? While I did get all components to fit in visually it looks…too cramped. I am thinking of the on/off key switch and the volt meter that were squeezed in verically. I also should have tried connecting the ethernet cable for the volt meter to the solar controller. If I had done that  I would have discovered that it must have a couple of centimeters to run straight down before the cable can start to be “tucked in” to the panel. Now the cable interferes with the opening of the fridge door. I will try to move the controller as far up as it can come to make the cable fit. If that does not work….then I guess the only way is to move the whole fridge down a bit and possibly make a new panel.


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