Countertop and cooking

The original countertop was a sink and two burner all in stainless steel. It was in perfect working order but I did not like the look of it and I also did not want to have propane in the vehicle so I opted for buying a countertop for a normal kitchen, making a hole in it and mount a smev sink with a foldable glass lid on it. Many thanks to my buddy Peter N who helped me with this.

What about cooking then? I had a portable propane kitchen since earlier that I was very happy with. They use a propane tube the size of a spray paint bottle. If one of those leaks the amount is not enough to kill a human like a bigger propane bottle could. They also give the opportunity to cook outside. I bought another one in case two pans are needed. Here is how it looks besides the sink:


The next thing to do here is to make a hole in the aluminium sheet above the countertop. Over the countertop is a cupboard where I store the stoves, plates, dishwashing gear e t c. On the roof over it I have made a hole and put a roof vent. Now I will connect that vent via a hose to a computer fan which will vent out the moist and frying smell. I willl also put some plexi glass under the cupboard that will prevent the “cooking air” from escaping the fan. Here the kitchen area can be seen from the side.


And here is the kitchen roof vent:

Roof vent
Roof vent

Mounting adjustable table leg – part 2 – final result!

Attaching the base bracket to the left sofa was a simple matter and I am  pleased with the final result! The clip below shows the table  being pushed out of the way when going from dining mode to standing up:

Lazy-/looking at film-mode:


Another picture of lazy mode:


Sleeping mode. I will be sleeping on the other sofa where the table leg does not disturb getting into and out of sleeping position:


And finally dining mode: