A bump down under

The other day I was thinking it might be time for an oil change so I took a peek under the engine and saw…this! According to the drawings and photos on the internet of the engine the underside of the oil tray should be flat. Flat is not really the word that could describe this tray. How did this happen? Is the elephant ok? Could something on the inside have taken damage? I guess the tray will have to come off for an inspection. One of the things to be worried for is the oil suction pipe that could have got a hit.  On the other hand the oil gauge indicates full oil pressure. I don’t hear any strange noises either.

I also had a look from the top and all the vibration mounts for the cooler needs to be changed. The biggest question here is if I need to order these from Mercedes or if some kind of universal vibration mounts with the right dimensions exist.

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