The quest for the perfect surfbus begins!

Welcome to this blog about the making of an extraordinary surfbus! I recently bought an oldtimer, a Mercedes Benz L508d anno 1973. Here are some pictures of it in the shape it was when I bought it:


Nice paint job that has held up well considering it was done 18 years ago


Side door opened and you can see the old fridge


Cosy or what?!


The drivers cabin. The original “dog house” has been exchanged for a home built one since the sound/heat-insulation had come loose on the old one. I did get the old one so I will fix it and put it back there.


And here it is parked at my favourite windsurfing spot Sjovik:

I bought the vehicle at a location a couple of hours away from the city I live in. It was a bit naive of me to pay for it before I could drive away with it. The deal was that the previous owner would fix the brake cylinder within two weeks of the purchase which he of course didn´t. Five weeks later he delivered it on the bed of a big lorry because he failed to fix the it. Well, finally I had it in my hands! Lots of mods and tweaks to be made before it deserves to be called a surf bus. But first and foremost it has to be baptised. I took a glass of water, climbed up on the roof, poured it there and said “thy name shall be Helga!”